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Driving School in New Jersey


Essex County, NJ’s, Trusted Driving School

16 Year Old Packages
-We pick up the student and take them to the DMV to get their permit, after we get the permit, we give them the mandated 6 hours behind the wheel, usually broken up in two hour increments. After the final two hours, the instructor will get permit validated and giving it back to the student, allowing them to drive with someone at least 21 years of age and a New Jersey Driver License for at least 3 years.

1 Hour Lesson
2 Hour Lesson
6 Hour Package

-These lessons are customized to the student’s needs, whether it be a new driver, anxious driver, parallel parking, highway driving, etc. We work with the student to obtain maximum results.

Road Test Service
-We pick up the student and take them to the test, let them use our car to take there road test and take them back home after the test.

Road Test Package(includes one-hour refresher course and road test service)

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