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Teen Driving School in New Jersey

About us

East Orange & West Orange, NJ’s Driving School

Concord Driving School was established in 1994, it was one of the first driving schools open in New Jersey and it has been family owned and operated from the beginning. We have been serving the community for well over 20 years, providing our excellent services, while maintaining affordable prices.



All of our instructors are licensed by the state of New Jersey. They have been rigorously trained to be extremely patient and attentive to give our students the confidence to drive and become masters of the road.


Sam – Owner/Instructor
Sam holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering, he started out working for a driving school and after a few years opened Concord Driving School. He has been teaching people how to drive for well over 25 years and has a great deal of confidence and experience which translates to his students.


Ali – Instructor
Ali started teaching in 2008, he holds a bachelors degree in biology. In addition to
being patient and attentive he has a very intricate style of teaching, which allows
students to become the best possible drivers they can be.


Amir – Instructor
Amir began teaching in 2010, his jovial nature instantly puts students at ease and
gives them peace of mind allowing them to drive with comfort and confidence.


Bob – Instructor
Bob has been teaching for over 10 years he has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that will teach his students to become excellent drivers.